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By trade, I'm a geek, working in Business Services IT for Anvil Corporation, an A & E firm that specializes in refinery revamps/refits/turnarounds, having worked in software development since 1995. Prior to that, I served in full-time ministry, mostly with university students, and most of that at the University of Kansas.

I'm a fairly driven man, and very relationally oriented. I really enjoy those late night talks, which often become early morning talks, growing deeper and more profound as the night moves forward. I enjoy those friends with whom long periods of silence are okay, where you can just look at one another and know the message is, "Chatter isn't necessary. I just like being with you." My dearest friend in the world is my high-school sweetheart, my wife, Alean Melinda.

I'm fascinated by politics, in the sense that I'm intrigued by it and repulsed all at the same time. It's like watching a bad car wreck or watching the World Trade Center buildings fall. It's horrifying, but we keep looking, right? Politics is like that for me, repulsive, but I keep following it.

I took my undergraduate degree from Baker University, studying Mass Communication with an emphasis in radio broadcasting and newsprint. A year later, I enrolled in Harding University School of Biblical Studies where I studied the Bible for two years, a difficult program that resembled trying to take a drink from a fire-hose. In 2012, I completed my studies at Capella University, earning a Master of Business Administration with emphasis on Information Technology Management.

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