I have a RP4 and thinking about buying EC and PH sensors from Grove. I've learned that RP4 doesn't have an analog input so I'm thinking about connecting it through ADS1115 from Grove. I'm not sure about the connections, so I would like to know if for two sensor will need two ADS1115, or can I use one for both sensors in a same time? Also if I need two, it is possible to connect one on the top of the next?

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The Seedstudio doc for the part says it has 4 channels so you should be able to connect up to 4 analogue sensors to each ADS1115 device.

The ADS1115 devices can also be configured with 4 different i2c addresses which means you can connect up to 4 of them to a single i2c bus, which would mean up to 16 analogue sensors in total to a Pi (using the default single i2c bus).

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