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For questions concerning EMQ - Erlang MQTT open source MQTT broker implementation (formerly emqttd), including setup questions, issues with running the broker, and questions about the behaviour of Erlang MQTT Broker.

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Is MQTT-SN still "new" or is it obsolete?

I have an existing IoT project based on MQTT and am looking at extending the application to include battery powered end nodes using Zigbee mesh. It logically seems the most appropriate way to do this ...
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MQTT Connection Using Keep-Alive > 5 Minutes Silently Disconnects on Azure VM Broker?

Summary of the issue: Connecting to or with a keep alive of more than 5 minutes, and everything seems to work just as expected. Connecting to my broker (both on ...
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Should I use emq+emq-web-hook to persist messages to database? [closed]

My idea is use the emq broker + emq-web-hook sending all published messages to NodeJS API that only will be send to RabbitMQ (balance) and I instantiate some applications to consume. Should this work?
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How does EMQ persist QoS 1/2 messages?

The EMQ (Erlang MQTT Broker) is a "distributed, massively scalable, highly extensible MQTT message broker" with a reported "1.3 million concurrent MQTT connections" - so it potentially allows a large ...
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Subscribing to MQTT birth and will topics? (emqttd)

I am running emqttd ( I would like to monitor clients connecting and disconnecting from a separate process that would be subscribing to a system topic where birth and will messages are ...
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