I'm trying to connect a Shelly Plus i4 into an existing circuit by replacing a wall-switch.

Getting it in there was no problem, but everything getting power is. Having it wired according to the diagram, the Shelly i4 shows up and can be configured. However, the same circuit supplies power to a couple of the lights it is supposed to control.

The control is via Home Assistant, so the Plus i4 does not need to supply the power, but it should be passed through.

Now, the Plus i4 requires a Live and a Neutral wire. If I wire those 2 together (no switch) to allow the lights to always have power, then I no longer have a Neutral wire (both Live) in the wall socket of the switch.

What / how would there be a valid method of re-wiring the socket in such a way that the lights always receive power, and still allow the Plus i4 to have a Live and a Neutral wire?

(For what it's worth: AC 230V power grid -> Netherlands)

P.s. I did take the risk of frying the Plus i4 with creating an extra loop in the wall socket and hooking up the Plus i4 into that (see picture). However, it does not turn on with this configuration.

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This is not how the i4 works. The i4 input button(s) will trigger another relay to control an item. You cannot directly use the i4 as a classic switch. You should use a Shelly 1 or 1PM in this situation with a classic switch or push button on top.

  • If you have smart bulbs, it is possible. I have simple PI server to interact locally with the smart bulbs. Works well for me.
    – manish
    Jan 3, 2023 at 12:03

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