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Questions tagged [open-source]

For questions about open source hardware or software in the Internet of Things. For general open source questions, consider asking at Open Source Stack Exchange or Stack Overflow.

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0 answers

OpenMote B wireless communication

Is it possible to make two "OpenMote B" devices communicate with each other (through WiFi or on other frequencies), transmit and receive data?' If yes, is there an example of such code to ...
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1 answer

Where to find Desktop Occupancy Sensors without attached service

I was curious and wanted to see, what it might take to build your own desk availability solution. It seems the way to go is to use some kind of lowband pir sensors, but my Google-fu is rather poor. I ...
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Open source IoT framework similar to Azure IoT

Are there any open source IoT frameworks/runtimes similar to Azure IoT but without vendor lockin, software that will basically run on bare metal device and pull down and run containerized images from ...
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3 votes
2 answers

connect a device automatically without configuring at iot platform end

My main goal is to connect devices but only with an access token and not by manually adding devices to the cloud IoT platform Is there a platform to do that automatically? How to do it/Which platform ...
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OpenSource Cycling Computer [closed]

I hope this is the right place to ask such a question. Is anyone aware of an active and open source community project to develop a computer (embedded system actually) to monitor parameters/build stats ...
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3 answers

Is there any open source firmware or OS for IP camera like openwrt for routers

Is there any open source firmware or OS for IP cameras like OpenWrt for routers. I need an OS or a firmware for IP cameras in order to communicate with our cloud service easily. I have some ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Can I install Mycroft on Google Home?

I have been given a Google Home from a contest at work. I think it would be very useful if it didn't spy on my every word. I wonder if I can wipe the installed Chrome OS it is based on and install ...
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Is there any scream detect sensor or scream recognition program?

I'm developing smart IoT product which will be placed on underground parking lot. Among the various feature, one require scream detection. I heard that there are several feature includes scream ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Recommendation to choose API development open source Language, Framework and Database

I'm working in a IoT project and my role is to provide APIs to allow devices to communicate with server/database. I have decided to use MySql for relational data like user details etc.. and MongoDb ...
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1 answer

Are there any devices with open-source protocols over Wi-Fi?

I know how to program IoT using Arduino; but I want some ready made portable IoT devices that do not need any programming at device side. Just I want to buy and add these devices to the network (after ...
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Are there any initiatives to prevent IoT obsolescence?

I've been reluctant to invest in many IoT devices, especially externally managed/subscription based devices because of issues having to deal with the closure of management services due to issues like ...
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