I tried to apply an access list to a user, but Mosquitto always takes the highest access level and apply it.

I tried to apply this:

user roger
topic readwrite device/1/#
topic read device/1/name/

I also tried:

user roger
topic read device/1/name/
topic readwrite device/1/#

In both cases it allows read/write to the topic:


Am I missing something?

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    The man page that covers the ACL format doesn't make any comment on the behaviour of overlapping topic patterns, so this may just be undefined behaviour
    – hardillb
    Commented Jun 4, 2018 at 14:40

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device/1/name/ is part of this "topic readwrite device/1/#" you cant enable access to all subtopics and after that disabling one sub topic is not possible :"topic read device/1/name/"

you can try allow one level subtopic to readwrite access

"topic readwrite device/1/+" "topic read device/1/name/subtopic".

you can write and read

  • "device/1/subtopic"
  • "device/1/anothertopic"
  • "device/1/name"


but you can only read

  • "device/1/name/subtopic"

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