Has someone already had success in retrieving the LIRC codes for AEG Hood with Hob2Hood functionality?

I've allready found the following codes:

FAN_1       0xE3C01BE2
FAN_2       0xD051C301    
FAN_3       0xC22FFFD7    
FAN_4       0xB9121B29
FAN_OFF     0x55303A3
LIGHT_ON    0xE208293C
LIGHT_OFF   0x24ACF947

However I still need more info for config file. Fi. which protocol is used (NEC, Sony, RC5 etc.) and also which frequency, header, one, zero, ptrail etc. to configure the LIRC config file properly.

Who can help?

  • where did you get the codes? ... FAN_OFF is missing a digit
    – jsotola
    May 24 at 5:57

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