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Direction Finding involves calculating the position of one device relative to another. The Bluetooth Low Energy specification v5.1 adds provision for this.

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How to do directional finding with Bluetooth and UWB

Just jumped into the ocean of IoT and found myself drowning.... I am trying to make my small toy car(with remote) being able to follow me. Have discussed with my hardware friend and was told to get ...
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Tracking speed and direction of golf ball

I'm working on a prototype for a cheap launch monitor as a cheap alternative to the expensive ones on the market atm. Question: I'm looking for a sensor or sensors that can track the following High-...
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Bluetooth Direction Finding - do I understand it correctly?

I just read Bluetooth Direction Finding, added to the Bluetooth spec as part of Bluetooth 5.1 to allow devices to measure angle of arrival and angle of departure (AoA and AoD) to position devices ...
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