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Questions tagged [flash-memory]

For questions about flash memory: electronic, solid-state, non-volatile computer storage that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed

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Best memory choice for my sensor

I'm a software developer and trodding in murky waters here so please do forgive my lack of knowledge. I've been developing a sensor with the nRF9160DK and some accelerometers. I need to continuously ...
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How to flash original firmware of a device?

I flashed Tasmota on my wifi boiler switch (the white one with the glass touch panel the uses 'SmartLife' app like the one here:
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3 answers

How can I list the partition table of a currently running esp32 devboard?

I am developing on an ESP32 devboard (esp8266, wroom). I need to get the partition table of the currently running device. This document contains a quite good documentation of its partition table. I ...
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What is the difference between SPIFFS and EEPROM?

I would like to store some data in esp8266. There are two ways SPIFFS and EEPROM. I can not decide which one to use as both of them saves data. I also read that both SPIFFS and EEPROM are part of ...
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Secure EEPROM Reading from Another Device [closed]

We are working on some Embedded device (Tag, the Tag hardware is: MCU, external EEPROM, Temperature and Humidity sensors) that collects temperature and humidity, the Tag save the samples in the ...
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Intel SPI flash descriptor

Hello I am asking here because I do not see a general firmware Stack Exchange or better place. I am open to suggestions on that. But my question is pertaining to Intel Atom SoCs. I am interested in ...
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12 votes
3 answers

How can I do incremental updates with a flash that can only be erased block-wise?

Scenario I want to update a low cost IoT device over-the-air with new firmware updating the device's microcontroller(s). The microcontroller memory is flash memory in the 32k to 128k range (every ...
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