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Control Samsung Smart TV (Infrared Remote) via Hue / Zigbee?

The Logitech Harmony Hub is a smart hub that can control devices via infrared (like your TV remote), and is compatible with Alexa. It doesn't work via ZigBee, though — it connects via Wi-Fi to your ...
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What IR codes are emitted by Faber/AEG/Franke/Smeg... RC?

Light toggle: &\u0000\u0014\u0000\u0018\u0017\u0018\u00170-\u0018\u0017\u0018\u00170[\u0019\u0016\u0018\u0017H\u0000\r\u0005\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000 Fan toggle: &\u0000\u0014\u0000\u0018\...
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Who can help me with the LIRC config for AEG Hood with Hob2Hood functionality?

Complete description and example program can be found here: https://www.elektormagazine.nl/labs/hob2hood-interface-investigation
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Building bidirectional people counting sensor

Imagine two TOF sensors side by side in a corridor. If sensor 1 triggers, then sensor 2, you have movement in one direction. And vice versa. If you want to check if there are two people, you must ...
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Advanced Universal Remote or basic home automation

I'll answer myself. Home Assistant is just enough to implement almost anything I've wanted. I've tried OpenHAB and it was waaaay too long until I was able to automate anything. Also I got really ...
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